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Health Healing

Pranic Healing holds a wide range of experience in curing simplest ailment like cold and cough to most severe ones like Cancer, thyroid, diabetes, tumor etc. Pranic Healing facilitates healing of every ailment by going to the roots of the problem.

Psychological Healing

Nowadays, we find that most of the diseases are Psychosomatic. Pranic Healing helps in healing the psychological cause of a disease. It also is very effective in healing Depression, addictions, fears and phobias.

Addiction Healing

Pranic Healing helps in overcoming addictions like Alcohol, Drugs, smoking, Gadgets etc. addictions are also like germs into our system. Through Pranic Healing if we take out those germs, the patient is relieved of his or her addictions.

Relationship Healing

Our negative thought forms and emotions leads to crash in relationships. Pranic Healing ensure relationship build up through its healing techniques and meditation commentaries. Healings of all kinds of relations such as Father-child, Husband-wife or sister-brother etc. are possible here.

Prosperity Healing

Success is in our Chakras. If certain energies are missing in our chakras, we cannot be successful no matter how hard we try. Amongst various courses, there is one such course called Kriya Shakti course which takes care of our prosperity needs. It helps our chakras to get the right energies thus making us Achieve the impossible. Prosperity meditation and healings helps in materialising our dreams.

Business Healing

Similar to our physical body, our business also has chakras, if proper energies are given to them, the business will bloom. Also, the office environment needs to be energetically cleansed to remove all obstacles which is stopping success to come and it includes giving positive energies to the business centres to make the environment there workable and dynamic.

Home Healing

To make every home peaceful and harmonious is the aim of Pranic Healing. For this it has introduced Home healings wherein healing techniques are used to extract out negative energies from home and give in powerful positive energies of joy and harmony. Also, to make our homes disease free.

Beauty Spa

Beautiful No touch facial is possible with Pranic Healing wherein we have got the experience of people saying that our face started glowing in few minutes and gives a better result than the parlour. It is available for both men and women. Also, Double chin, burn marks, acne etc can also be removed effectively.

Weight Loss

No Touch 6 weeks weight loss management programme wherein you lose a specific weight just by taking the Pranic Healing Treatment.

Body Reduction and enlargement

A wonderful treatment to reduce or enlarge a particular body part and get back the desired shape. All thru Pranic healing.

Organ Regeneration

Yes, it is possible, any damaged organ can be regenerated to its original form so that it functions normally. Pranic Healing helps in regeneration of the organs.

Critical Diseases

Most of the critical diseases can be healed Through the holistic approach of Pranic Healing by not only doing the physical healing but also curing the psychosomatic cause of the disease.