A Centre of Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga

this course is the first step to learn healing techniques ,how one can heal himself or herself ,how one can heal others not only by their physical presence but also when they are at distance . Knowledge of chakras , Proper breathing techniques Simple and easy skills

 course* : this is the course which add on to our basic skill ,we can heal simple to severe cases with the help of colors . Uses of different colors and many more advanced healing techniques. Indepth knowledge of colors and how chronic diseases can be cured using these colors.

Learn how to heal psychological problems, addictions, relationship issues, depression. Learn more about chakras and its psycological functions. We will also come to know how our thought forms can affect our life and how we can change our life by changing our thoughts .

This course helps us to understand what the soul is and what is made up of. Helps us to know our purpose of life.Why we face loss in business and how to develop greater intelligence or intuition for life . It also helps us to improve our performance and how we can attract right people in our life . And above all how to have peace of mind.

This course helps us to heal with the help of lazer crystal to enhance our healing skills. How to consecrate a Crystal for healing and also the properties of color Crystal and jewellery. The use of Crystal's reduces the time of healing and helps in more deeper healing.

This course helps us to protect ourselves , our homes & offices from all types of negative energies. We can create a sheild around us to protect us from any harm and danger.we will learn how to place a protective shield ,so called raksha kavach around our business and home to ensure safety so that we attract more prosperity and attract good luck.

Who Can Learn these Courses

Anyone who is 16 years and above can do this amazing course.